Copywriting for Coaches
Who Want to Close More High-End Clients Online Without Feeling Sleazy


Are you a coach struggling with copy that’s lame and ineffective and doesn’t sound like you?

Does it take you FOREVER to write copy? 

Do you struggle to sell yourself online because it all feels so sleazy? 

If you’re anything like the hundreds of coaches I’ve worked with, you’ve likely hired copywriters before only to discover:

  • The copy didn’t convert
  • They didn’t get your voice
  • The copywriter was always delivering late and disappearing on you

Or maybe you’ve worked with expensive marketing agencies…

Spent years trying to get your website copy just right…

Or pumping out weekly blogs, FB ads, webinars…

With little to no results to show for it.

If so, you’re not alone.

You don’t have to struggle anymore.

Book more sales calls & close more deals with copy that’s powerful, persuasive, and 100% YOU.

Now if you’re thinking, “But, I’m not a writer!” “I don’t know what to say!” Or “Where do I start??”

You’ve got more tricks in your bag than you think.

→When you’re in a coaching session with a client, it’s all lightbulbs, epiphanies, and “Omg, what have I been doing without you all these years?!”

→When your perfect client hears you speak, she thinks, “Now THAT’s a chick I wanna work with!”

And guess what? 

THAT is exactly what good copy does behind the scenes. 


So, if coaching and speaking come naturally to you, but you freeze up when it comes time to write a headline for your LinkedIn post, whip up a promo email, or bust out a sales page… you’re in the right place. 


This is precisely where I come in.

Hi, Jamie Caroccio here.

For the past nearly decade, I’ve been the copywriter behind the scenes for 243+ coaches (across industries – business, executive, leadership, health, life, and more.) I’ve written copy for six and seven-figure campaigns at one of the top marketing agencies in the personal and professional development space.

My job? 

I help you take your ideas, truth bombs, and decades of wisdom and translate them to copy on the page.

I help you make copywriting simple, fun, and profitable.  

Here’s how we can work together.

Copy Optimization

Have a piece of copy (email sequence, sales page, website, lead magnet, etc.) you or a past copywriter created that needs some work? I’ll review it and share exactly what’s working, what’s not, and specific recommendations to make the copy connect more deeply with your ideal client and convert them into paying customers.

Sales page

Need a sales page to showcase a new program or service? I’ll craft copy that does the heavy lifting for you and offers your program or service as the no-brainer solution.

Website copy

Been struggling to get your website copy just right? I’ll help you showcase your expertise and nurture cold traffic to convert visitors into buyers.

Email sequences

Need a series of emails for a nurture or launch series? I’ll create a campaign that educates and entertains, increases your positioning, and naturally guides the right people to your services.

Copy trainings

If you’re a business coach who runs a group coaching program or mastermind, I can come in as your Resident Copy Coach to train your clients on persuasive writing techniques to attract more high-end clients online.

Words of praise from a few of my favorite fans

(to show you it’s not just me tooting my own horn up here)

“Jamie is our incredible Resident Copy Coach for my high-level coaching program. She’s dedicated to getting to know each one of my clients to master their messaging so they can grow their authority & generate more clients.”

Jessica Yarbrough, Business Strategist & Growth Expert

“Jamie’s level of professionalism in dealing with such a highly sophisticated clientele right away impressed me. She takes complicated concepts in copy and teaches you to communicate in a clear and concise way.”

Judy Weber, Scaling Expert & Business Coach

“Jamie listens to what I have to say and creates a concise message that hits home for my ideal clients and translates to the business growing. Her talent is the secret weapon to taking your business to the next level.”

Andrea Martin, Career Coach

“Jamie is so easy to work with. She brings so much peace and fun to the process. I never feel like I’m stuck in a box. She lets me spew out all of my stories, takes that, and makes magical copy with it.”

Michelle Cox, Executive Coach

“Jamie is a wonderful person, let’s get that clear first and foremost. Working with Jamie is amazing. She has a gift. She helped my company write our offering and messaging book. I loved working with her so much I asked her to help me write a bio for myself. She’s the best in the business! If you need help from a copywriter and/or marketing Jaime should be your first call.”

Wes L.

"Jamie is amazing to work with. She is organized, transparent in the way she works, highly professional, with warmth and enthusiasm which makes the whole working dynamic to be a positive experience."

Nga N.

“Jamie is an absolutely amazing copywriter (and human) and the results she delivered were even better than we could have hoped for or imagined. She made the process extremely simple and FUN and we can’t wait to work with her again! 5 stars!!!"

Marty L.

"Jamie is a rock star! She is well prepared, listens carefully to fully understand needs and goals, does great work and is super-efficient."

Alissa D.

Looking for support with your copy?